Reducing your to-do list so you can do more of what you love – your business.

Hi! I'm Jess!

I help Businesses get things done!

I get it. 

You're busy. Running a successful business is time-consuming. I've been there!

You're going in 100 directions every single day, and now you have a long list of computer-based work keeping you from what you do best, the reason you're in business.

I will provide you with fantastic services that allows you to do the things you love, and get you back to your business. 

I've spent 16 years handling every aspect of hospitality minded operations. I understand urgency, client interaction, and putting my best foot forward.


Pineapples have been used in the hospitality industry since the 18th century as a sign of welcome, warmth, and friendliness!

Incorporating Pineapples into my business was a no-brainer; and they make me smile.

Meet the Pineapples




Photo Credit:  Pogo Photo

Photo Credit: Pogo Photo

Founder of Pineapple Relations, Jessica has a knack for relating brands to their audience both on and offline. With a combination of 16 years in the hospitality industry and a degree from the University of Central Florida's Rosen College of Hospitality Management, she knows the ins and outs of operating a hospitality business. When she's not embarking on long winding road trips and adding to her never-ending bucket list, Jessica lives in Jupiter, Florida with two rescue mutts, Kota & Cheyenne.

Photo Credit: P ogo Photo

Photo Credit: Pogo Photo


Working behind the scenes to make sure things get done.



  • Creating

  • Maintaining


  • Beautiful, Reactive, Effective

SOCIAL MEDIA | Facebook | Instagram

  • Organic Content Curation

  • Daily Posting + Engagement

  • Community Interaction

Something else? I love a challenge and am so excited to learn something new! Tell me about it!


Funnel + Email Marketing Packages


Coaching | Audits

One-on-one via Zoom to teach you how to use Kartra to its fullest or to trouble shoot and audit what can be improved.

One Hour $150

Quick Start

Designed to get you up and going!

Complete Mini-Funnel setup and customization*

Necessary Pages + Forms + Emails + Lists & Tags + Automation

Starting at $2000 *Client provided copy & graphics

Page Builds

Page Packages – Up to 5 pages (Sales pages separate)

Starting at $1250 *Client provided copy & graphics

Sales Pages designed to sell your services, book, membership, products, etc

Starting at $1000 *Client provided copy & graphics

Membership Platforms

Complete setup, customization, and testing* of your membership program or course

Multi Tiers | Drip Scheduling | Content | Email Sequencing | Automation

Starting at $2000 *Client provided copy & graphics


Email Marketing

Complete setup, customization, and testing* of your email sequences

  • Up to 5 emails – Starting at $500

  • Up to 10 emails – Starting at $850

  • Single email – $125

    *Client provided copy & graphics


Square Space Websites

From 5 pages - Starting at $1250

*Client provided copy & graphics

Copy & Graphics

Custom copy and graphics are available through my amazing copy writer and graphic artist. Interested? We’d be happy to write and create graphics for you that fit your brand and engage your target market.



You are up and running and making money on with Kartra.

You want to focus on your jam and not deal with the tech side of things.

You want to know you have someone in your corner that understands the tech side and can be the wizard behind the curtain to get it all done.

  • GOLDEN PINEAPPLES – FUnnel Management

    • Changes + Support + Edits + 20% Savings on new services

    • $500/Month


    • Monthly Reporting and Analytics of your site

    • $100/Month

Social Media

  • Organic Facebook

  • Organic Facebook Groups

  • Organic Instagram

    Starting at $700
    per Month/Per Platform


Something To Talk About

Jessica knowledge of Kartra is unbelievable. She can easily and clearly navigate you where to click and how to finish your funnel without feeling that this is the most difficult thing in the world. She makes it looks easier with her explanation. Jessica is very fast with her responses and overall if you need a PRO for funnel building then you have her and her team RIGHT HERE! Thank you for all your support!
— Marta Dvorakova, Social Media Management
Jessica went above and beyond to bring my website to fruition. She was patient and offered great suggestions along the way when I was stuck. Not only does she do exceptional work but she is supportive and a generous person. I am blessed to have her on my team!
— Leslie Capps, Remodel Your Life Coaching
Jessica has helped take our charitable organization to the next level as far as marketing, response time for requests, etc. I would recommend you to anyone that needs someone - for marketing, computer work, consulting on organizational needs, or technology-based businesses.
— Melody S.
It was a complete joy to work with Jessica. Her email communication was excellent, and she understood exactly what I was requesting. She provided me with 20 branded social media graphics that fit my branding perfectly, and she provided them to me earlier than I expected. I’m looking forward to working with her again!
— Kathy Cruz, Savvy Shopkeeper
Jessica is fantastic to have on your side to help create and manage your social media platforms. She helped us grow our accounts and we’re thrilled with her work. We would highly recommend her.
— M. Paclik
Thank you so much - you were the only one who actually knew how to achieve what I was looking to do - and it was much simpler than I thought!
— Tara Geraghty Founder of Making Cancer Fun
I never felt my project was sitting on your desk waiting for you to get to it when you had time. I felt like my little project was significant to you and was impressed with your turn-around time. You are indeed the person to go to when I need help with things I cannot get done on my own or do not have the time to do. Thank you so much for your support.
— Janice A., Publicist
I would recommend Pineapple Relations to anyone juggling a ton of workload.
— B. O.
Jessica delivers a great understanding of needs and wants.
— Java Saga
What you have provided is invaluable to me and my business I would recommend your services because of your timeliness and professionalism.
— Alicia M., The Unstructured Entrepreneur

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